How to create a chatbot and how does it work?

Answer your customers' frequently asked questions. Create your chatbot for web, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.

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How to create my chatbot?

Example script how it works

The bot follows a script that you will create with different elements (options, questions, html content, jpg, etc.) according to your customer service needs. What to keep in mind when designing the script:

  • Identify your customers' frequently asked questions and the languages in which we translate the bot.
  • Design a draft outline, answering all their frequently asked questions as synthetically as possible and using the right components.
  • Create your script and add your bot on your website, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Telegram.

What functions and elements can my chatbot have?

Explanatory image of statement
Compose the messages you want to include in your chatbot's conversation with the website user. conversation with the website user. Without waiting for a response from the visitor.
Explanatory image of question
Ask a question to your bot user and configure the answer you will expect:
  • Answer fields: free text, selectors, number selectors, price range, dates, yes/no, etc.
  • Valid your answer: name, email, mobile, city, etc. Grow your database.
Explanatory image of options
Offer different options to the user and create a script in response using the components you need. the components you need. For example, depending on the option you choose, you can deliver a downloadable PDF content, or a link to more information, or request contact details for an agent to call the user. contact details for an agent to call the user.
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Design content (HTML, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF, etc.) from the Livebeep library or incorporate it from an external source and have your bot deliver it to the users it interacts with.
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Create blocks with different pieces of scripts to reuse them in different parts of the bot. of the bot. Save time and keep your content up to date.
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Contact the bot with the API of your products or services. Your customer interacts with the chatbot and requests information and you offer an immediate and specific response.
Explanatory action image
Automate the actions performed by your bot: transfer the conversation by chat or to your salesperson's email or to your sales rep's e-mail, schedule a timeout and/or end the communication.