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Design your chatbot script for your website for free. And with the PRO plan integrate it to Messenger, Instagram DM, WhatsApp and Telegram.

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Why have a chatbot or conversational bot?

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Because they allow you to have large-scale conversations with your website users and reduce the work of your team, without any technical knowledge.  

All you have to do is design a script in beepychatbot and add your bot on all the pages of your website for free. And with the PRO plan you can add it to your social media messaging channels (WhatsApp Business API, Telegram, Instagram and Messenger).

Does the chabot work on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram and website?

Yes, add your virtual assistant in all available contact channels and the bot will transfer the conversation to a human if necessary.

Chatbot for WhatsApp

Receive your whatsapp messages on the beepychatbot platform and connect your bot to assist your queries. If necessary the chatbot can transfer the query to a human operator.
* Requires PRO plan

Chatbot for Instagram and Messenger

Receive messages and automate customer service on Instagram and Messenger with your chatbot. Centralize your customer service on beepychatbot.

* Requires PRO plan

Live Chat Web
Chatbot and livechat for your website

Assist web users with your bot, but if it is an important query the chatbot transfers the communication to an agent for further assistance.

* Free

Our solutions are eligible for European Next Generation Funds

All our solutions are eligible for the European Funds to support digitization that are focused, through the Digital Kit, to improve the productivity of the Spanish business fabric, self-employed and SMEs up to 49 employees. This is a unique opportunity to improve your operational processes and the productivity of your company.

Logos Kit Digital

What other contact channels can I integrate in the chat window?

In addition to the chatbot you will be able to offer other customer service channels such as:

  • Live chat support
  • Video call directly from the communication window.
  • Social networks widget: WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram
  • Appointment request
  • Call request

Save time with predefined answers

If your bot transfers a conversation to your agents, they will be able to create predefined responses to send via chat and reduce their response times.

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